Shipping Delivery Policy

Shipping Charges

We provide free shipping on selected items and for other items the delivery charges will be displayed at the checkout.

Estimated delivery time

Delivery time varies depending on the availability of an item and location. We classify items as in-stock and out of stock. This information is available for every item.

If the item is In-stock, delivery may take 10-12 days and we guarantee that you will receive your order on the specified time because we procure and ship the items on the time specified at the item detail page. All items from USA are dispatched in bulk and once cleared from customs it is shipped out using local courier to customer’s location. We are using this method to clear all the customs duty charges before it is shipped to customer. Price listed in our website is final.


Items in this category are not currently available. You can use the “notify me” feature or email our customer service department so that we can immediately inform you of their availability.

For every order you placed, you will receive an email containing its details. Another e-mail will be sent containing the shipping details once we ship the item(s).

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